client testimonials

"Walked into a home with some beautiful design by the world's best decorator Bird Interiors. You can't imagine the task - I love bold colors, chinoiserie, and furnishings plucked out of a 17-18th century European palace. Wayne likes fresh, clean, & modern. I don't know how, but she delivered! I can't wait until construction is done and she can put her final touches on making this house a home! THANK YOU Sarah Oldaker!!!"

- Eric & Wayne

"We were so impressed with Bird Interiors, we knew Sarah was an excellent designer, but it's another thing to actually experience it in real life. She is a good listener, she finds out what a person likes and works with your style, the results are amazing! We loved seeing her creativity bring our personality and love of color into our home. I can't believe I get to come home everyday to my beautiful home designed by Sarah!"

- Pam and John

"Not only is Sarah a stellar person herself, but also as a designer, she is even more so!  Her zest and passion in bringing a room to life is so refreshing, and her attention to detail is spot on.  She makes the process fun and enjoyable,  stress-free for her clients, and is always willing to go the extra mile.  Whether it’s finding a specific piece, fabric or light fixture… she never gives up until all parties are happy and satisfied with the final product! We could not have asked for anyone better than Sarah to put our full trust in when designing our home."

- Allie & Jason

"Sarah with Bird Interiors is the absolute BEST designer to work with. We started with a new home with no furnishings at all and she brought our entire house to life! All of the pieces and ideas she presents are timeless and beautiful. We cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone needing any type of interior design help. She is professional, timely, responsive, and just a joy to work with! Not to mention amazing taste. Bird Interiors makes any project such an ease and so much fun!"

- Jeff & Susannah