Learn about our process

While every single project is unique to each of our clients, we follow a clear process so you and our team are always on the same page.

step 1

Consultation and on-site review

Our process starts with conversation. The goal is help you find your vision, and work with you to make it a reality, using your target budget as a useful design constraint. Some clients already know exactly what they want, others need more help finding that inspiration. We meet you where you are, and combine your vision with our expertise to ensure a winning result. If possible, we ground that process in the space itself.

step 2

Letter of agreement

Once we work out a winning vision through a consultation and on-site review, we then establish specifically what we will accomplish, and determine a budget to make that a reality. This plan goes into our letter of agreement, which helps keep both of us on the same page, and provides clarity throughout the entire project.

step 3

Design development

When the letter of agreement is reviewed and confirmed by both of us, we're off to the races! Using all of conversation and research, our team builds a comprehensive design package that serves as the blueprint for our entire project. Materials, purchased items, drawings -- your entire vision -- is encapsulated in this design package. We use it as a guide and reference throughout the project, and revise it as necessary based on mutual agreement.

step 4

Construction, installation, and design completion

Taking the bulk of the project time, this final step is where the rubber hits the road. Our team implements the design, working with builders, contractors, and vendors to bring the drawings & design to life. Our team stages furnishings and layouts, and we work together to confirm or make any changes. Everything in the plan starts to become real, which makes this the most exciting part of the project. We end with the final installation and grand reveal to our clients!